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A surprisingly complete resource for anyone who doesn’t want to track down the PDFs.

I’m also going to be pretty much copy-pasting stuff from the other Pathfinder game I ran as a reminder for character creation and the like


The playable races of the Shards are as follows:

  • Avekh: A race of bird-men, created in the wake of the Cataclysm to better survive the new environment
  • High Alteir: The decendants of the ruling caste of the Alteir Imperiate.
  • Humans: Ever present and most numerous
  • Kulach: Created during the Great War to be the footsoldiers of the Imperiate’s war against Heaven, these creatures are strong, hearty, and show a surprising aptitude at using magical weapons.
  • Low Alteir: decendants of the mage-engineer caste of the Alteir Imperiate
  • Mura: Evolved from the skyship dwelling humans near the Hex-Storm-spawning Rift, the Mura are small, monkey-like humans with prehensile feet and an affinity for sky-sailing
  • Wild Alteir: decentants of the few surviving knightly caste of the Alteir imperiate, who fled into the jungle islands with their draconic steeds.

I also made a languages page.


listed here for your viewing pleasure

I’m reworking Cleric into Reliquarian because there are no more gods

I’m reworking Paladin into Templar because I hate Paladins.


The Shards

The broken fragments of the world are collectively known as The Shards

  • Shard Continents: The biggest of the shards are called Shard continents and exist as vast ecosystems, almost worlds unto themselves.
  • Shard Islands: Smaller shards are known as Shard Islands, some are dozens of miles appart while others are barely larger than small houses.
  • Salt Shards: Not all continents and Islands are redily arible however. When the Disk shattered, the oceans ran into the Void


I’m not going to bother detailing every single Shard continent and its individual government and culture, but I will talk about it by overall regions

  • The North: The North is divided between two spheres of influence. The Ajuran Unionis an alliance of kingdoms under the hegemonic control of the Kingdom of Ajur. Ajur considers itself to be the cultural center of the world, as the most advanced and powerful of the Northmen tribes, the inheritors of those who first learned to sail the skies. The other, more recent power in the north is the new Alteir Imperiate which conquered a sizable portion of the greatest northern Shard 50 years ago.
  • The West: The west firmly rests under the quasi-theocratic control of the Brotherhood of Trevast. There are dissidence and Salt-shards filled with orcs and other savage species.
  • The East: The East was once controlled rather heavily by the Empire of Duras, who were the second people to develop Levium technology. Much of what was the Empire now is controlled by the Council of Galehn
  • The Southeast: Where I want to make this the home of the game. This is the Sky of Adventure, home of the mighty Aecrian Confederation and countless others. Most every major nation of the world has colonies here.
  • The South: The south is largely inhospitable and dangerous, due to a trifecta of three societies that have arisen there: The Wild Alteir raiders, the cultists and pirates of Skellia and the undead armies of the Consortium of Xur.

Take a look at the various major Nations.


Talk a bit about that over here

Magic and Technology

There are three vitally important resourses worth mentioning:

  • Firearms: Advanced firearms were known to the Old Imperiate and recently, black-powder technology has been making a return.
  • Hexium: a powerful substance distilled from departed souls. It can be used to power magical effects or to create weapons of incredible destructive power. However merely being around it slowly poisons you. The weapons that killed God were Hexium based.
  • Levium: A liquid distilation of the power that keeps the Shards afloat. An obviously limited resource, but one that is used to make Skyships.
  • Sephira: When God was killed, these fragments fell to earth. Each of them contains significant power and its by the grace of that power that humanity continues to exist.
  • Skyships: These great vessels use Levium Chambers to keep afloat as they fly the empty skies between shards.

Life on the Shards

The ramifications of the destruction of the Creator is hard to encapsulate. While the shattering of the Great Disk is the most immediately obvious, it is not the only one

  • Death and undeath: Whatever mechanism allowed the souls of the departed to pass to the next world is gone forever. There is no more after life (whether there was one before is debatable). Most people wear a necklace with an enchanted pendant that traps the soul upon death. Should the departed not be wearing one at the time of death, their soul becomes a ghost or other incorporeal undead and their body rises as a zombie.
  • Sun and Moon: After the cataclysm, the movement of the Sun, Moon and Stars became erratic and unpredictable. The Sephiric Temples have regulated their movement but the maintainance of day and night is entirely within the fallible hands of mortals. There have been mistakes in the thousand years since.
  • Weather: Weather went crazy for a while after the Cataclysm. Unlike the sun and moon, however, the Sephiric Temple of Air could only do so much to regulate it. Skyships with special equiptment and an onboard Reliquarian have taken to wrangling rogue storm systems and bringing rain to farmers on schedule. For a price, of course.
  • Hex Storms: Unlike the normal rogue weather, some storms are spawned from the Rift or other heavily Cursed area. These Hex Storms can be lethal and cause mutations in future generations of those exposed to them.
  • The Rift: A permanent fixture in the sky, the Rift marks the place where the Imperial Scientists breached the Veil and stormed heaven. Since the detonation of countless Hexium weapons and the destruction of God, Heaven itself is nearly instantly fatal to anyone who dares set foot in it. The rift glows with a deadly white light and even venturing near it is dangerous. Fortunately, there isn’t much reason to go near the rift. The explosion that shattered the disk originated there and most of the area for dozens of miles of it was atomized.

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