Empire of Duras

Capital City: City of Duras
Leadership: Emperor Lavasal X
Government: Monarchy
Army: The Imperial Legion (Fair)
Navy: The Imperial Armada (Fair)
Major Exports: Raw metal, magical items
Major Imports: Levium
Largest Cities: Duras, Vael, Tresyr
Total Cities: 10
Demographics: TBD but extensively human, with a lot of High and Low Alteir.


Duras was once a powerful empire, whose strength was built on need. The lands of the southeast were being torn to pieces by Wild Alteir raiders, whose ability to fly between shards made any retaliation against them impossible. In the north, the skyship maurauders expanded their territories more with each passing year.

Duras was the first nation of the east to discover the secret of Levium, and quickly established themselves as the Naval Power of the east, offering every petty kingdom and citystate they encountered the simple bargain: Join us, or be left to the wolves.

Duras remained a major power in the Southeast for nearly 400 years, before the Second Great Sundering shattered their main Shard Continent. The damage to the infrastructure is still not completely repaired, 100 years later. The southern half of their Shard severed political ties and eventually formed the Council of Galehn, and the bulk of their colonies in the Southeast quickly formed up under the new flag of the Aecrian Confederacy

Empire of Duras

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