Brotherhood of Trevast

Capital City: Fa’al
Leadership: Soloth Araque (Grand Master)
Government: Quasi-theocracy
Army: Brotherhood Templars (Fair); Knights of the Brotherhood (Good); The Brotherhood Army (Good)
Navy: Fleet of Righteousness (Good)
Major Exports: Textiles, Magical Items
Major Imports: Firearms, Levium
Largest Cities: Fa’al, Suras, Dalsur, Amaras.
Total Cities: 15
Demographics: Need to work it out, but very high Human percentage and a lot of Kulach. Not many Alteir.

The Great Western Shard and surrounding areas became united under the an order of Reliquarians calling themselves the Brotherhood of Trevast. The Brotherhood seeks to bring order to a chaotic world.


The Great Western Shard was the most chaotic fragment of the map for a long time. The last of the civilized world to develop skyship technology, the scattered geography and Orc tribes in the salt-flat eastern regions made stable government all but impossible.

Until, that is, the Prophet, Arakis Trevast, began a cult following, predicting the arival of “Five Great Celestial Orbs” which would unite the lands together. Trevast was charismatic and gained followers quickly. Though persecuted for his strange beliefs in many portions of the West, the Kingdom of Everaal allowed him and his to create a settlement of their own known as Fa’al.

Over time, word of Trevast’s Brotherhood in Fa’al grew, and his message of Benevolence, Order, Righteousness, Strength and Duty spread subtly across the continent.

Finally, it reached fruition, when the Sephirot of Good arrived in Fa’al, along with a small fleet of Airships. The first of the “Celestial Orbs” had arrived. By the Sephirot of Protection had arrived 50 years later, Trevast himself had died, but the Brotherhood of Reliquarians he had begun now had wealth, influence and military might to dwarf any of the petty kingdoms of the West. In another 50, the Brotherhood was the defacto government of the region, with countless states as its “Protectorates”.

The last hundred years have been bad for Trevast. First, the Sephira of Good stopped working, a sign to any who know that it had “decided” to relocate elsewhere but its Exarchs had refused to move it. Shortly after the rise of the Alteir Imperiate, the Sephirot of strength did likewise, however a covert group of Alteir spies managed to infiiltrate Trevast and steal the sephirot.

Brotherhood of Trevast

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