Alteir Imperiate

Capital City: New Ravanas
Leadership: Tzervata (High Magistrate)
Government : Aristocracy
Army: Kulach Legion (Strong); Slave-soldier Irregulars (Weak)
Navy: Imperiate Naval Fleet (Strong); Imperiate Alteir Dragoons (strong)
Major Exports: Magical Items, Alchemical compounds, Machinery, Textiles
Major Imports: Levium, Metals
Largest Cities: New Ravanas, Reza, Arfel, Chiras, Kaitel
Total Settlements: 15 Cities, numerous towns and hamlets
Demographics: High Alteir: 10%, Humans 30%, Kulach 24% Low Alteir 20%, Wild Alteir 15%, Other 1%

Built upon and memory and framework of the Old Imperiate, the new Alteir Imperiate stands as a legacy to the days when the Alteir effectively ruled the world.


No one outside of the Imperiate knows Alteir nation’s second incarnation began. The first the rest of the world knew of it, a vast fleet of dreadnaughts, backed by Wild Alteir Dragoons, and Galleys filled with Kulach Storm Troopers appeared from seemingly nowhere and conquered a northern principality known as Dresal.

Dresal and its neighbors in the Adjoran Union had been at the verge of war when the Alteir appeared. Their invasion and complete subjugation of Dresal’s borders within a week.

Since their inception 50 years ago, the Imperiate has been surprisingly quiet. They’ve gone to found new colonies in Wild Alteir territory with surprisingly little resistance from the natives and have sent numerous “diplomatic” missions to other parts of the world as a show of their sheer force. Many believe that they are attempting to bait other nations into attacking them as an excuse to expand their territory. So far none have been stupid enough to take the bait.

Society and Culture

Like its predecessor, the New Imperiate is built upon a rigid, racial caste system. The High Alteir stand at the top, as leaders, administrators, and priests. Beneith them, the Wild Alteir Dragoons are beneath that, serving as military elite and constabulary. Under them the Low Alteir serve as engineers and technicians. Then the Kulach, proud warriors in service to the Imperiate. All other races serve as the lowest on the pole, slaves at best, though rumors of Hexium Farms, where humans are bred and slaughtered for use of their very souls, have spread. Whether these are true or not is undetermined.

At the very top of Alteir culture are the Magistrates. Magistrates form a complicated oligarchy full of incomprehensible intrigue and politics. Each Magistrate is assigned a party of retainers as befitting their position within the government. The decision-making process within the Magisterium can often seem chaotic and indecipherable to outsiders, however a Magistrate’s word is law with everyone else within the Imperiate’s society.

While there is little doubt that the serf-slave caste of Alteir society are brutally oppressed, slaves with unusual talents are often given preferential treatment.


The Alteir Imperiate is not really friendly with anyone, but nor are they outright aggressive towards any nation. There have been skirmishes between Skellian Pirate Sloops and colonial Imperiate Destroyers. But for the most part, the Imperiate has scrupulously maintained an uneasy peace with just about every faction


The Alteir Imperiate has the Sephirot of Dragons and the Sephirot of Strength. The Sephirot of War recently constructed a temple there as well but very few know about that

Alteir Imperiate

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