Volant Alliance

Capital City: Averehl
Leadership: Kitheros (Honored Elder)
Government: Tribal Republic
Army: Volant Mutual Defense Flight
Major Exports:
Major Imports:
Large Cities: Averehl
Total Cities: 1
Demographics: 98% Avekh, 1% Kulach, 1% All others.

At a glance, the Avekh often seem to be a vulnerable race of people. They have not integrated into Human society as most of the other races have. Nor do they have tne centralized power base the Alteir have developed in recent years. However, there is a surprising strength in their disparate Aeries, for they are united under the flag of Averehl and Volant


The Alliance can trace its roots to the discovery of the Sephirot of Air 200 years after the Cataclysm.. The Sephira was located on a shard island that was inaccessable to anyone except Avekh before the innovation of Levium technology.

The Temple of Air became a focal point of Avekh society, and the floating island, a neutral ground between the Aeries, and a small, mostly transient community of pilgrims and reliquariens grew alongside the Temple’s exarchs and templars.

It wasn’t until the year 350 AC, when the Wild Alteir raides destroyed many Aeries in the southeast that a true permanent settlement began. Volantos, a survivng chief, led the refugees of these destroyed communities to Averehl, not knowing where else to go. They built structures to house themselves and returned to life as usual. But Volantos was not satisfied with a simple relocation. He convinced all who would listen that the Avekh needed to band together in face of adversity. The result was the Volant Alliance, and its location, the newly formed city of Averehl

Over the course of the next 650 years, the small colony surrounding the Temple of Air transformed into a sprawlng metropolis, easily the rival of any Human city.

Volant Alliance

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