Chaotic Neutral Mega-Metropolis
Modifiers: Corruption +7, Crime +7, Economy +9, Law +6, Lore +6, Society +3
Qualities: Peacebonding, Prosperous, Strategic Location, Trading Post,
Danger: 11
Government: Plutocracy
Population: 4,500,000
Notable NPC’s: Lord Corvidae, Lord Sharpe, Lady Reese, Lord Xeras, Prelatorius Vael
Base Value and Purchase Limit: 44,800 and 500,000
Spellcasting: 9th
Minor Items/Medium Items/Major Items:

Encompassing most of the delta of the Greenblood River, Tyrn is the largest, wealthiest city in the world. Almost two thirds of Galehn’s exports go through Tyrn, and the city reap well what its northern neighbors sew.


Tyrn may be one of the oldest cities in the world. No one’s quite sure how long the Delta has been settled, but we know that the Modern Tyrn is built upon the ruins of a city that stood there before the Second Sundering, and that that city (also named Tyrn) was built over the sinking ruins of an even older city. Rumor says that the original Tyrn was a Free City before the Cataclysm, but time, and the marsh upon which the city was built, has swallowed any conclusive evidence of its supposed antediluvian origins.

The Current Tyrn was rebuilt by a consortium of wealthy merchants, seeking a place to trade with Galehn.

To say that the population exploded would be an understatement.


Tyrn’s government is simple and elegant. Taxes are entirely voluntary, seen as “Donations” to the city’s upkeep. However those same donations entitle one to a vote in the City Council, a vote that is weighted by the amount donated. Thus those who invest the most into Tyrn are the ones who rule it. Invariably, it is one of the ten so-called Merchant Princes, whose wealth allows them to invest enough to make almost every other vote irrelevant.

Society and Culture

You’d be hard pressed to find a more cosmopolitan society than Tyrn. A mix of every race and creed can be found on its streets.


The notable NPC’s above explained

  • Lady Blackstone: Deals primarily in property.
  • Lord Corvidae: Patriarch of an old family, Corvidae owns most of the property in the lower rent areas of Tyrn. Allegations that most of his wealth comes from a vast criminal network spanning the Shards are, of course, utterly ridiculous
  • Chancellor Caldax: Chief among all civil servants of the City.
  • Captain Churath: Kulach captain of the guard.
  • Lord Gold: Richest man in the city, is the owner of The First Bank of Tyrn
  • Lady Malkath: Mysterious woman of vast wealth and surprising political clout
  • Lord Nysar: the elected chairman of the Craftguild Council. Technically one of the merchant princes, though he only wields that power at the behest of the Guilds he represents
  • Prelatorius Vael: An agent of the governing body.
  • Lady Reese: Sometimes called Madame Reese. The newest of the Merchant Lords, Lady Reese owns more inns, taverns and brothels than anyone else in the city. She has been waging a small economic war against Lord Corvidae for years.
  • Lady Selvira: an Avekh bard and former adventurer, Lady Selvira has overseen the construction of many of Tyrn’s cultural institutions, including the Grand Opera House and the Amphitheater.
  • Lord Admiral Sharpe: He is in charge of Tyrn’s flotilla of airships within the Privateer Navy.
  • Lady Taleta: Low Alteir wizardess, Archmistress of the Collegium Arcanum, made her personal fortune selling magical items.
  • Lord Xeras: A High Alteir merchant who effectively manages the economic diplomacy between Tyrn (And the Aecrian Trade Alliance as a whole) and Galehn. Is apparently childhood friends with Elder Druid Vashara, one of the Council’s ruling members.


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