The Southeast

Lets talk about the Southeast.

Cities and Settlements

Settlement Allegiance Type Description
Aecria Aecrian Confederation Metropolis Capital of the Confederation
Ark City Aecrian Confederation Large City Levium mining hub of the Southeast
Basyev Ajuran Union Small City Ajuran trade node
Dysalam Aecrian Confederation Large City Lumber hub in the south
Kaitel Alteir Imperiate Large City Regional capital of all Imperiate colonies in the South
Koros Empire of Duras Small City Last holdout of the Empire
Trefalia Aecrian Confederation Large City Grand shipyard and major trade hub in the south
Tyrn Aecrian Confederation Mega Metropolis Trade Hub of the East
Xaranfel Brotherhood of Trevast Fortified Village/Mission Regional capital of all Trevast Colonies

Others to be added as I think of it.

The Southeast

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