The legend of Hexium dates back to the Old World.

According to the story, a powerful wizard king of the first age enslaved an entire people into mining gems from a great mountain, filled with veins of precious stones, common among them rare and valuable black sapphires.

The wizard’s greed was insatiable and resulted in the entire mountain collapsing, killing tends of thousands of slaves in the process. Due to the rare properties of black sapphire, the souls of the slaves were unable to escape, and lay trapped within the stone, slowly transforming it into something different, something new.

When, in the next age, an ambitious merchant sought to reopen the collapsed mines in order to reclaim the famed jewels, he found instead veins of glowing white crystals. Further, exposure to these crystals made his miners sicken and slowly die.

Wizards examining the stones said that they possessed great power, but great danger as well.

It took hundreds of years for the uses and risks of Hexium crystals, and it wasn’t until the waning days of the Imperiate that they discovered how to synthesize a similar substance in liquid form.

Hexium Poisoning

Being exposed to Hexium is dangerous. Even being in the same room as it for prolonged periods of time can prove damaging.

Level DC
Mild Exposure 15
Moderate Exposure 20
Heavy Exposure 25
Physical contact 30
Ingestion/Injection 35
Channeling 40

If the character passes the check, they are free of contamination. The severity of Hexium poisoning is dependant on how badly they failed the check.

Failed by Result Further Exposure
1 to 5 Wasting disease risk per normal
5 to 10 Type 1 Poisoning +5 to DC
10 to 15 Type 2 Poisoning +10 to DC
15 to 20 Type 3 Poisoning +15 to DC
20 to 25 Type 4 poisoning +20 to DC
25 to 30 Type 5 poisoning


  • Cancer Risk: Any exposure to Hexium can carry the long-term risk of the Waisting Disease. One week after failing the first text, roll again against the same DC you failed the first time. If you fail, you contract the Waisting Disease. It has a 3-week gestation period, after which point you roll 1d6. Your roll will cause one of the following effects
    • 1: Strength is drained 1d6 points as your muscles deteriorate.
    • 2: Dexterity is drained 1d6 points as your nervous system deteriorates
    • 3: Con is drained 1d6 points as your lungs deteriorate
    • 4: Int is drained 1d6 as your brain deteriorates
    • 5: Wis is drained 1d6 as your senses deteriorate
    • 6: Charisma is drained 1d6 as your skin deteriorates
    • Regardless of which ability score is affected, you continue to be drained at a rate of 2 points a week. In addition, you must continue to make saves against the disease, or roll another d6 to see if the cancer spreads to a different part of the body. Should it land on the same part already effected, take another immediate d6 points of drain and an additional 2 points per week.
    • Unlike other forms of ability drain, if any ability is reduced to zero, the victim dies.
  • Type 1 Poisoning: 1d3 con damage + 1d3 str damage/Fatigue
  • Type 2 Poisoning: 1d6 con damage + 1d3 str damage/Hairloss, fatigue, 1 bleeding damage per round
  • Type 3 Poisoning: 1d8 con damage +1d6 strength damage/Hairloss, exhaustion, Nausea
  • Type 4 Poisoning: 2d6 con damage +1d6 strength damage/All previous symptoms, plus an additional 2d6 con damage every day until death.
  • Type 5 Poisoning: Subject must make a DC 20 Fort save or die instantly. If save is successful Same as type 4 poisoning, except with increments of every hour instead of every day.

Alchemist Discovery: Synthesize Hexium

Prerequisites Alchemist level 12
Benefit: The Alchemist learns how to extract Hexium from the souls of the dead. To use this, the alchemist must have a sentient victim. As part of the process, the alchemist performs a coup de gras with any weapon he may have available. If the victim dies, he manages to extract one ounce of hexium from the target as they die.

Power Component: Hexium Channeling

An arcane spellcaster in possession of hexium can channel it into an offensive spell. Doing causes an enormous improvement in the spell’s power.

  • Any DC is treated as if Heightened 5 times.
  • Any damage effects are treated as Empowered, Intensified, and Maximized
  • Area affects are are doubled as if Widened.
  • Spells with Duration are doubled
  • Spells bypass spell resistance
  • Any damage becomes Hex damage which cannot be resisted.
  • The target must save versus the normal damage for Hexium Poisoning detailed above


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