Consortium of Xur

Capital City: The Tower of Bones
Leadership: Xur (High Lich), Callas Ur’Krovi (High Councillor)
Government: Magocracy/Undead Aristocracy
Army: The Legion of the Dead (Very Strong)
Navy: Skeletal Fleet (Fair)
Major Exports: Magical Items, Levium,
Major imports: Slaves
Large Cities Tower of Bones, the Palace of Blood, the Citadel of Flesh, the Grand Necropolis
Total Cities: 4
Demographics: Among Mortal races: Humans 50%, all other races at even distribution. 40% living, 20% ghost, 20% Vampire, 5% Lich, 5% other intelligent undead.

Before the Disk shattered, the the South was mostly ocean, making the land there almost entirely unarable. But the dead land was ideal for Xur.


The history of the Consortium begins with the history of Xur himself. According to the Canticle of Xur, the High Lich was a Low Alteir of the Old Imperiate, himself the Archmage for the Department of Necromantic Studies.

Upon witnessing the lack of an afterlife in a post-divine world, Xur became convinced that Undeath was the salvation of mortalkind on this planet. Thus Xur began to research a way of binding his soul to his body permanently. As a result, he became the world’s first Lich. Raising his apostles to serve him, he traveled to the deep south and began slowly building his empire.

The original purpose of the Consortium was to form a physical afterlife for all its neighbors, that body and soul might be brought to Xur to find new life in death. However the arrival of the Vampiric Houses a hundred years into the Consortium’s formation undid any hopes for peaceful contact with other nations.

In the time since, the Vampires have begun voraciously buying up slaves from any who would trade them that far south, keeping humans as livestock while cherrypicking those worthy enough for Vampirism.

Society and Culture

The Consortium is built around a four-tiered power structure. At the top, the Liches sit within the Tower of Bones and research and plan their centuries-long plans. The highest among the Liches is Xur himself, who spends most of his time within his great chamber, contemplating the grand mysteries of the universe.

Though the Liches are the undisputed rulers of the consortium, they rarely bother with the day-to-day running of the empire. That falls to the Council of Vampiric Houses, whose intrigue and politics is incomprehensible and strange.

Below the Vampires, there are Ghosts, who form a middle class within society, followed by lesser intelligent corporeal undead as the lower class

The bottom of the tier of society are Humans, who are treated more like livestock than slaves. Over the course of a human’s life in captivity, they are given opportunity to learn trades, taught literacy, and even given opportunity to train in martial weapons, all in the hopes that some of them will be found worthy of being embraced into vampirism.

The other rout of escape for humans is enterance into the Institute for Greater Understanding, the necromantic wizard’s college. Wizard’s in the Institute have until their 30th birthday to master the rituals necessary to become a Lich, or their bodies and souls become forfeit to the research of their professors.

Consortium of Xur

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