Alteir Tattoos

Facial tattoos are an ancient tradition of Alteir society, and, in truth, the dawn of their species as a whole.

In the 25th century Before the Cataclysm, a small group of humans began a cult known as the Cult of the Dragon. As part of the initiation of the cult, members were given a tattoo made with ink made with a mixture of hexium ink and other secret ingredients. These tattoos had magical properties, granting the wearer powers suited to their role in society.

Over the course of the next hundred years or so, the Cult’s membership underwent dramatic physical changes, taking on draconic aspects.

The practice of using Hexium tattoos has fallen out of practice. Its secrets are known to entirely too few. But occasionally, by combination of luck and wealth, an Alteir will recieve a Hexium tattoo as part of his Rite of Initiation.


Alteir Tattoo

Prerequisites: Alteir, 1st level.
Benefit: You begin play with one Hexium Tattoo.

Craft Hexium Tattoo

Prerequisites: Low Alteir, Caster Level 7th.
Benefit You know the secrets of creating Hexium tattoos.

Hexium Tattoos

I don’t have anything specific statted for Hexium tattoos. But it gives some statistical advantage that we’ll agree upon when you take the tattoo that would line up in some way with the Caste of Alteir you are. (E.g leadership, communication and spellcasting for High Alteir; combat for Wild Alteir; and magic, crafting and knowledge for Low Alteir).

Alteir Tattoos

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