Sky Pirate Pathfinder

Three words that inspired my notion here. This is a more fantasy based sky-pirate than steampunk, though there’s some element of the latter

Overview of the World

1000 years ago, the combined might of humanity and its Alteir cousins overthrew the tyranical, xenocidal God that had created the world and everything in it.

In slaying their creator, however, the mortal races damned themselves in the long term. The great disk of the world shattered. Vast continent-sized chunks of land drift slowly in the endless void of the sky continuing to slowly break apart in the subsequent centuries.

Great Skyships are now the only way of getting between the Shard-Continent and floating islands that are left behind.

Races and Classes

We’re Pathfinder classes with a few adjustments as I need to make it fit the world, but I’ve got a whole new suit of races, from the bird-like Avekh, to the small ship-dwelling Mura, to the proud Alteir, scions of the lost empire.

Unlike other settings, all of the races of the Shards are descended from humanity, whether they were deliberately changed through a magical ritual, or rapidly evolved to new climates under the influence of the mutagenic Wild Storms.

The Broken Skies

Tecu Burnttoastking Barlowe