Wild Alteir

The Term ‘Wild Alteir’ is a misnomer. but in the past thousand years its how they’ve been come to be viewed. The Alteir of the Dragoon Caste served as the elite cavalry of the Imperial army. Sitting astride draconic mounts, they formed an unstoppable offensive that even the Angels of God were not able to resist.

After the final battle, the Empire lay in ruins. The leader of the surviving Dragoons lead his wing south, away from former imperial lands and into the jungle-filled shards in the south, where they scrapped a living as hunters and raiders.

Physical Description

Wild Alteir tend to fall in the upper end of human range, being between 5’10 and 6’5 on average. Like all Alteir, they have draconic scales on the back of their arms, shoulder, neck and spine, however theirs tends to be of bright colours like red or green. Their eyes glow either yellow, green or blue, with blue being considered a sign of high birth. They tend to wear their hair long in elaborate braids. Though the Hexium Tattoos of the Old Imperiate are rare, most Wild Alteir get facial tattoos as part of their rite of adulthood.


There are now three very distinct Alteir Dragoon cultures. The first is born in the deep jungles, made up of raiders and barbarians, the true ‘Wild’ Alteir. The second are those who have moved to Human lands and have made themselves well known as fighters in their own right. The last are those of the New Imperiate. The Wild Alteir of this new Order adhere more strictly to the Old ways.


To say that the Wild Alteir have strained relations with the rest of the world would be a vast understatement. Around the Ring and in the South, they are often killed on sight. Further north they are more accepted. For their part, the Wild Alteir respect those who have the strength to defend themselves and look down on all others. However they hold a begrudging respect for the High Alteir.

Wild Alteir Racial Traits

  • +2 Dex. +2 Wis, -2 Cha The Wild Alteir are agile and observant, but tend to be abrasive and impersonal
  • Medium: The Wild Alteir gain no advantages or disadvantages from their sizr
  • Regular speed: 30 feet
  • Alteir Immunities: Wild Alteir gain a +2 bonus to resist Sleep and Paralysis effects, and a +2 bonus to Hexium Poisoning
  • Lowlight Vision:
  • Darkvision: 30 feet
  • Dragon-friend: Wild Alteir have a +4 to Diplomacy and Handle Animal with creatures of the Dragon type.
  • Born in the Saddle: Wild Alteir gain a +2 bonus to Ride checks and a +1 dodge bonus to AC while riding.
  • Weapon Familiarity: Wild Alteir are proficient with Longbow and Lance, and treat any weapon designated ‘Alteir’ as a martial weapon

Wild Alteir

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