Skyship technology

In general skyships have two important features: Levitation and Drive. We’ll be discussing these in a tick


While Levium is, by and large, the most used and most economical method of levitation it isn’t the only one. I’ll talk about some of the others here.

  • Gas: Certain alchemically created gasses have lighter-than-air properties. Unfortunately, they are also highly combustable and a lot is required to move anything substantial. Such zepplines generally belong to eccentrics.
  • Hot Air: Some of the earliest inter-shard movement was done by heating an envelope of air. Its a reliable means of transportation for small craft but is not as economical for larger ships.
  • Levium: By far the most common means, innert levium is stored in a tank in liquid form and then “activated” by a magically charged crystal. which projects the enchantment to the rest of the ship. Sufficient amounts of Levium can keep a ship of any size afloat indefinately, however whenever the ship takes damage there is what is known as “Levium bleed” which causes some of the enchantment to disappate and the ship to slowly sink. Most ships keep a tank of reserve levium on hand in case of such a disaster.
  • Magic: The most reliable, but also by far most expensive means of levetation is through straight magical enchantment. There occasionally are rumors of derelicts from the Old Alteir Imperiate, but for the most part, Magical ships are dinosaurs of a different era.


  • Chariot: Some of the Wild Alteir harness lesser dragons to their smaller skyships to pull them along.
  • Magic: though Magic does not make a good means of levitation, it can be employed to move a ship forward. This method is favored by the Alteir Imperiate.
  • Manual Power: A slow, but arguably cheap means of travel is through straight-up man power, turning winches which drive enormous fans to keep the ship in motion. Almost always makes use of slave labor. The Skeleton Ships of the Consortium of Xur make almost exclusive use of this, but then their cheap labor doesn’t tire or require food.
  • Sephiric Sail: Due to the unforgiving physics of flying a ship through the air, trying to power a ship through wind alone would result in it being completely unsteerable, at the mercy of the wind itself. What choice would such a ship have, then, but to harness the wind itself to the direction they please. A Wind Orb allows a reliquarian or druid with the air or storm domain the ability to control the wind’s facing direction. This method is particularly popular in the Southeast.


I’m grabbing a template from over on


This the ship’s description goes here.

Vehicle size goes here
Squares Size ( ft. by ft.); Cost: Goes here


AC ; Hardness
hp Total (Sinking)
Base Save


Maximum Speed: Under all forms of propulsion; Acceleration Under all form of propulsion
Weapons: Where and what size.
Attack ram: If appliable


Propulsion Description, AC and hp of various propulsion
Driving Check type of check to use.
Forward Facing
Driving Device who steers what and where.
Driving Space the place where one can steer
Crew Number ideal to work ship.



The Cost

Skyships are expensive. Basically, its the cost of a ship, plus the cost of the Levium to keep it aloft, with possible addition of a steam or magical motor.


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