Low Alteir

The Alteir Imperiate was based on a rigid Caste system with human slaves occupying the bottom slot, and the High Alteir noblemen at the top. A step above slaves, the Low Alteir acted as the engineers, scientists and craft-masters of the Imperiate power. No doubt, most of the strength that the Imperiate was able to bring to bear was due to the ingenious work of these unappreciated masters.

After the Cataclysm, the Low Alteir spread across the Shards, offering their insight and ability where they could.

Physical Description

Low Alteir are the shortest of the three castes. Males stand roughly between 5 and 6 feet, with women standing a bit shorter at between 4’11" and 5’9" They tend to have slight frames with long, nimble fingers.

Low Alteir tend to have dark gray skin, with black, draconic scales on the backs of their arms, shoulders necks and down their spine. Low Alteir hair tends to grow whispy and translucent so males and females both tend to shave their head. Like most Alteir, part of their rite of adulthood involves facial tattoing.

Low Alteir eyes tend to glow red or orange. Yellow eyes are considered a sign of good breeding.


Low Alteir are little liked but highly respected, often taking positions as scholars, engineers, or scientists. Low Alteir rarely have time for anyone that they do not consider to be their intellectual equals. They are usually willing to open up to anyone who ‘proves’ themselves to be particularly capable in one way or another. Low form temporary marriages when raising children, until the child in question is old enough to apprentice at which point the alliance is almost always terminated. Adult, single Low Alteir live alone


Low Alteir living amongst humans tend to be withdrawn and distrustful of all species. They intensely dislike High Alteir, but the Imperial edicts have deep traceroots in their very souls. Even the most independent Low Alteir finds it hard not to at least hear out a High Alteir.

Low Alteir Racial Traits

  • +2 Int, +2 Dex, -2 Cha: The Low Alteir are brilliant and good with their hands, but tend not to play well with others.
  • Alteir Immunities: Low Alteir gain a +2 bonus to resist Sleep and Paralysis effects, and a +2 bonus to Hexium Poisoning
  • Lowlight vision:
  • Dark Vision: 30 feet
  • Transmutive Genius: Low Alteir are masters of transmutation. Add +1 to the DC of all Transmutation spells cast by a Low Alteir.
  • Scientific: +2 to a Craft or Knowledge of their choice
  • Master Tinkerer: +2 on Disable Device and are proficient in any weapon they themselves have made.
  • Meticulous: The Low Alteir are known for their attention to detail. Any time the Low Alteir take 10 or 20 on an action, they gain +2 competence bonus.

Low Alteir

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