Council of Galehn

Capital City: Galehn City
Leadership: Saeva Loros (High Druid), Evedes Caal (Chief Administrator)
Government: Quasi-Theocratic Federation
Army: Galehn Rangers (Good), Green Knights (Good), Regular Infantry (Poor), Nature’s Fury (Good)
Navy: No significant Naval power.
Major Exports: Grain, textiles, wine, lumber
Major Imports: Luxury items, iron
Large Cities: Galehn
Total Cities: 3 (Most population in smaller settlements)
Demographics: TBD, but mostly human with significant High Alteir and Avekh.

The Buccolic people of the Council of Gahlen provide the food for most of the rest of the world. Ruled over by a council of Druids, most of Galehn can be represented as an attempt to live in harmony with nature.


The Empire of Duras would have you believe that Galehn’s roots as a nation were the Second Great Sundering, but it began significantly before that.

In truth, Duras had begun to suffer under the weight of its own success. The Southern Heartland was neglected by administrators more concerned with foreign policy.

The Drudic Council of Galehn stepped in to fill this gap. The council had been an active religious institution in that portion of the world since before the Empire rose. However they had kept themselves as spiritual advisers, using their magic to assist nearby villages only when necessary.

During this period of subtle decline, they became more and more necessary for the day-to-day running of the Heartland’s Infrastructure, that when the continent shattered, it seemed natural to turn over temporal authority to the Council.

Council of Galehn

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