There’s a lot that’s unknown about the planes. The last serious planer travel was done under the Imperiate, and we all know how that ended. Here’s what we do know

The Physical planes

  • The World: Our plane of existence exists as an enormous sphere. In the center of which are the shards, surrounded by the Sun and Moon, and the Stars beyond that. How far away these things are is unknown, but fully stocked ships have set out to find them and had to limp home because they ran out of food and water.
  • Heaven: This plane was once believed to be the paradise awaiting those God favored. The truth was a bit darker. The few survivors of the Battle of the Silver Throne reported vast reserves of Hexium weapons that used human souls as power source. We don’t know for what purpose this Deity had created these weapons, but when the Imperiate detonated its own Hexium bomb, at the throne, the other weapons were ignited with it. As a result, what once stood as the afterlife of humanity, such as it was, and the throne of the Almighty is little more than a highly irradiated field surrounding a still-smoking crater, thousands of miles across.
  • Hell: Somewhere on the other side of the veil of our reality from Heaven is Hell. .It was always assumed that souls not bound for heaven would wind up tormented by fiends in Hell, but we’ve come to understand that this isn’t the case. We don’t know what Hell’s roll is within God’s creation, but it seems to be a primarily antagonistic one.
  • Faerie: Between heaven and hell, there is Faerie, which is a labrynthine network of paths and interconnections that is almost impossible to navigate to non-natives of that plane.
  • The Dragon Paths: There is a second network of paths that connect the planes, like faerie, but less is known about them. Mighty dragons, even more devestatingly powerful than the ones bred by the Imperiate, make their way through these paths with eerie eas, occasionally arriving in our world for a time before departing just as mysteriously. Many spells that permit instantanious travel make use of the Dragon Paths, but few truly understand them

Speculative Planes

  • The Flux: The afformentioned planar dragons occasionally speak mysteriously about “The Flux” which seems to contain within it all of the Physical Planes that we know about, and likely others as well. Further, it seems, this “Flux” is not the physical totality of our cosmos
  • The Elemental Planes: While, for the most part, Elementals are pure elements given will though magic, it has been theorized that there might be true elemental planes somewhere out past our awareness, that allow arcane spellcasters to draw power for the evocations without the need of a Sephirot. Questions about this to extraplanar entities usually garners a bemused response.
  • Positive and Negative Energy Planes: Just as a mage’s channeling fire into an explosion proves the existance of an elemental plane, so, scholars argue, does a Reliquarian’s channeling positive or negative energy prove the existance of an originator of these two forces. Asking extraplanar entities about these planes usually garners cold silence.


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