The Avekh are a race of avian humanoids, transformed in the wake of the Cataclysm to better survive the Broken world.

Physical description

Though a little shorter and slighter than most humans, Avekh male and females both range, on average, between 4’8 and 5’6, though outliers on both ends are possible. There bodies reflect normal humanoid form, though they tend to have very little body fat. They bear human-like features, though sharper, more angular than humans. Much of their bodies are covered in feathers. Indeed, rather than hair, their heads have often brightly coloured plumes of feathers. By far, their most spectacular freature are the enormous wings which adorn their back.


The Avekh live, by and large, in insular communities of a couple dozen, located in difficult-to-reach places like Shard Cliffs and high mountain passes. They bear the citizenship of their ‘Aerie’ proudly, usually wearing the insignia of theirs in the form of a brooch or a badge.

Avekh will defend their Aerie against all tresspassers. None but aerie members are permitted inside for any reason.

However, the Avekh are wanderers by nature, and most will spend at least a decade traveling the world when they first come of age. As a result, despite Avekh societie’s insular nature, they are very well cultured and generally metropolitan.


Avekh have good relations with most of the civilized people of the Shards, though they tend to be wary of High Alteir.

Since much of their territory is also claimed by the Lizard-like Vardek, they tend to be reluctant to trust them, or the Wild Alteir that occasionally raid their aeries.

Alignment and Rituals

The Avekh are a people who enjoy freedom above , and so tend towards Chaotic and Good alignments however there is no hard and fast rule reguarding it

The Sephirot of Air is located in the Avekh city of Aravehl, however they have been known to allow other races access to it.

There are many Avekh in the Temples of the Saphira of Community and Freedom


Avekh adventurers are very common, especially amongst the young. Since traveling the word is a rite of passage to the Avekh, some of the mort martially inclined join mercenary bands or privateer crews. Others simply wander to right wrongs where they find them


  • +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Str, -2 Con: Agile and constantly aware of their surroundings, Avekh are unfortunately cursed with a slight physique and hollow bones
  • Medium: Avekh are medium creatures
  • Movement and Flight: Avekh have a walk speed of 30 feet and a fly speed of 50 feet with average maneuverability. This ability may only be used in light or no armor
  • Aerial Acrobatics: An Avekh gains a +3 racial bonus to Fly checks, and a +1 dodge bonus to AC when flying at least ten feet above the ground.
  • Keen Sight: Avekh have a +4 racial bonus to Perception checks involving sight.
  • Weapon Familarity: Bolas and Nets are treated as Martial Weapons for the Avekh
  • Languages: Avekh speak Avekh, their regional language, and a number of other languages equal to their intelligence modifier.


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