Aecrian Confederation

Capital City: Aecria
Leadership: Raeta Cuihl (Chairwoman of the Confederation); Dresart Lyast (President of the Aecrian Trade Alliance)
Government: Close Alliance/Capatalist Plutocracy
Army: Privateer Marines (Fair)
Navy: Privateer Navy (Very strong)
Major Exports: Levium, Skyships, Spices, Luxury Goods
Major Imports: Livestock, Grain.
Large Cities: Aecria, Tyrn, Dysalam, Trefalia, Ark City
Total Cities: 25
Demographics: Avehk 3%, High Alteir 5%, Humans 61%, Kulach 10%, Low Alteir 5%, Mura 15% Other 1%

From the fragments of a fallen empire, the Aecrian Confederation rose as the new power in the Southeastern Skies. For 100 years, the Confederation Flag has flown through the Southeastern Skies.


For much of the Age of Skyships, the Southeastern Skies were largely colonized by the Empire of Duras, local government under the control of Imperial Governors, protected by Imperial Skyships and primarily trading with the Southeastern Trading Company.

After the Second Great Sundering, the Empire’s power began to diminish. As the Empire consolidated its strength on the mainland, colonies were left with corrupt or incompetent governors and dwindling military might to protect them from raiding Wild Alteir, and trade with the Company grew sparse.

Into this void, the Aecrian Trade Alliance burst onto the scene. The brainchild of a wealthy human merchant named Ayal Davor and a retired Mura Pirate Queen named Churza. The two began contracting the construction of ships and crews to reinvigorate trade in the Southeast, with privateer friggates to patrol and protect the new trade lines. Many of the Colonial ports began paying the trade alliance for use of the privateers to protect their own ports.

One by one, the nations under this new trade alliance cast off their Imperial bonds, trusting in the Privateer Navy to keep them safe and trusting in their own ability to rule. The leaders of all the trading partners of Aecria gathered together to sign a non-aggression pact.

Society and Culture

The Aecrian Confederation fosters a dynamic society with few overarching rules and enough wealth to create a thriving, creative culture. Citizens of the Confederation tend towards having a positive, can-do attitude, tempered by an innate practicality. They value their freedom above all else.


the Aecrian Confederation is friendly with Volant Alliance and freely trades with Averehl. Similarly, they have a trade agreement with Ajuran and Galhen. They are wary of recent incursions by the Trevast Brotherhood, but tends to write them off: Trevast’s fleet in the Southeast is dwarfed by the Privateer Navy, and they are effectively cut off from bringing more in by aggressive factions in both the north and south. They are wary of the Imperiate’s presence in these skies but so long as the Alteir continue to leave Aecrian cities and shipping lines alone, they are willing to tolerate their presence. Duras has officailly been at war with the Confederacy since its inception, but Aecria considers it a laughing matter and will happily take the ships and supplies they try to move between ports. Aecria is openly aggressive with both the Wild Alteir Tribes and Skellians.


The Sephirot of Liberty is located on the Shard Island of Teyas, heavily guarded by both Privateers and its own Templar.

Aecrian Confederation

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